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The Amir Farming Fellowship is a 3-month summer experience for outstanding young adults who want to cultivate change through garden and farm based education. Once selected, we train you, place you at one of our partner summer camps, and provide you ongoing support so you can teach hundreds of children concepts of social and environmental justice. Priority Deadline: January 15th; Final Deadline: March 15th

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Summer Camps

Summer camps are intentional living communities that offer the opportunity for children to develop social and emotional skills to solve problems for themselves in the present and in the future. Amir's partnerships with summer camps provide campers and staff a break from the regular day-to-day of swimming, tennis, arts & crafts, etc. to think critically about their relationship to the Earth, their responsibilities to each other, and their impact on the world.

Training Seminar

This is where the magic happens. The Training Seminar gives Amir Farmers the tools and skills necessary to run their own garden or farm program at camp. Amir brings together young adults from across the country with a wide variety of agricultural and educational experience to learn from one another, develop new leadership skills, and build a network that will last throughout the summer and beyond. Starting with a bare plot of land, we teach Farmers how to build vegetable beds, maintain plant health, manage garden logistics, and care for farm animals. Amir's senior staff helps Farmers learn to integrate educational programming into the garden, and teach best practices for mobilizing a group of kids to work in the dirt. Farmers will leave the Training Seminar energized and prepared to lead their own project.


Amir Farmers come into the summer with a wide range of agricultural experience. Amir builds close-knit relationships with each of its camps, and maintains diligent records of the camp’s garden history to provide a strong baseline for each summer's Farmers. We teach Farmers the “nuts-and-bolts” of gardening and animal husbandry during our weeklong Training Seminar, and check-in with Farmers each week throughout the summer. Amir Mentors (past Farmers) serve as regional support for during the summer, consulting with Farmers about their specific gardens’ growth, pests, and their programmatic success.


Written and edited by experienced garden educators, with input from past and present Amir Farmers, our Curriculum serves as a tool and resource for all Farmers. The programs supplied are interactive, thought-provoking, and impactful. Whether the campers are 7 or 16 years old, the Curriculum comes prepared with different methods to appropriately adapt each program to the group's educational needs.


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