Amir cultivates youth to change tomorrow. Our goal is to inspire and empower youth through the medium of farming and gardening, helping to foster a more just and compassionate world.

Our Story

Amir was founded by friends from summer camp who understood the unique opportunity summer camps and other youth-oriented community spaces have to provide impactful social justice education. Since 2009, Amir has facilitated garden and farm-based education for thousands of youth across North America. Our greatest strength lies in “training the trainer,” using our resources available to teach our Farmers teaching techniques and stewardship skills that help passionate young adults become talented farm educators. Over the years, we have developed a model that allows any summer camp to have a beautiful, educational farm each and every summer.

We are driven by the impact our program has on campers learning where their food comes from, Farmers developing their skills as educators, and our partner communities committing themselves to social justice and sustainabilty. Amir is seeking to build a “generation of farmers” - a camper planting a seed for the first time and later saving the seed from the crop for next year, a Farmer helping counselors sort trash from compost, a camp community committing to ethical food purchasing. As the Amir community grows, we are excited to spread our educational model and commitment to justice in all forms.


Amir seeks to provide garden and farm-based education to youth across the world, both at summer camps and in year-round communal spaces, and to use our sites as sources of community and regional biodiversity to not only nourish our campers, but the world around them. We will support our Farmers and participating campers as they develop into leaders in education, activism, public service, and more. We hope to expand the scope of our work to include a wide array of communities seeking justice in all that they do.